Derek Hatton

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    ic Liverpool, UK -
    ... Executive member for regeneration Peter Millea said: "This started in the days of Derek Hatton. "Netherley signs, for instance, were put up in the wrong place. ...
    By Derek Bilton. Mike "No Joke" Stewart has promised to give Ricky Hatton "hell" when the pair clash on October 1. The American challenges ...
    By Derek Bilton. ... Ricky Hatton, who grew increasingly frustrated over the summer with not being able to lure a big name to Manchester, fights Mike "No Joke ...
  • Colonel Sir Gordon McClellan, UK -
    ... support from Protestant working men's clubs - and of being one of the most determined opponents of the maverick Left-wing regime led by Derek Hatton and Tony ...
  • Sex, gaffes and silly stunts - it's party (conference) time again
    Independent, UK -
    ... In Bournemouth in 1985 Neil Kinnock denounced Derek Hatton, deputy leader of Liverpool City Council and supporter of the far-left Militant Tendency, for ...
Derek Hatton,born in 1948, was a politician in the United Kingdom

He was a member of the Labour Party and deputy leader of Liverpool City Council in the 1980s. He was expelled in 1986 for belonging to the Militant Tendency, an entryist faction in the Labour Party promoting Trotskyism. The National Executive Committee of the party voted to expel him by 12 votes to 6, the move being a policy aim of Neil Kinnock.

Since then he has pursued a career in the media, presenting a show on Talk Sport, and appearing on such programs as Have I Got News For You.

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